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Diabetic Wound Offloading

In this Blog I am going to talk about how we can offload your diabetic wound and why it is important that we achieve as much offloading as possible.

What is offloading?

Offloading is the redistribution and reduction of the pressure that is exerted on the underside of your foot by means of wedging the inner of the shoe, making use of mobility aids or modifying the sole of your shoe/boot to have a rocker bottom. A rocker bottom sole allows a smooth transition from heel strike to toe off on the weight bearing leg while walking. We as will evaluate you as an individual to determine the best method or product to help offload your foot/diabetic wound to ensure we get the best results we possibly can.

Why is offloading important?

When it comes to a someone who has a diabetic wound or ulcer, they always have reduced wound healing capabilities due to the blood circulation system that is not working as intended or because of the diabetic neuropathy that causes them to loose sensation on the foot so they don’t even know they have a wound or how much weight they are putting onto the sole of the foot.

Wounds heal much faster if they are kept undisturbed and protected, thus by offloading the specific area, we keep the pressure away from the wound site and ensure that the healing process can begin undisturbed. Healing of diabetic wounds doesn’t happen overnight, it may take up to a few weeks or even a few months, depending on the size and severity of the wound. This is why we provide orthotic interventions, to help assist you during those difficult times and give you the peace of mind, knowing that the wound is being offloaded while you carry on with your day to day life.

How we offload

There are many methods of achieving offloading, ranging from simple walking aids to custom orthotics that fits into your shoes. The best and most simple way to offload the foot completely is by using crutches, walking frames when walking short distances or a wheelchair when you want to travel a bit further. This type of serious offloading is mostly necessary when you have a severe wound that needs immediate offloading while you are still undergoing wound care.

If we want to offload your foot ulcer or wound while you are walking, we have a new product called the SBi Motus Boot. This boot is a high leg – foot walker that secures the foot in a neutral position and comes standard with a fully rocking sole that helps redistribute the pressure under your foot while walking. The Motus Boot is equipped with a very durable, breathable, and soft inner that can be heat moulded to your leg shape for added stability and comfort to ensure that we keep the leg and foot as stable as possible.

Please have a look on our website for more information on the Motus Boot or tune in for our next blog where we will focus mainly on the Motus Boot and its many features and benefits.

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