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Post-operative Knee Bracing

There is an extensive range of braces available, below are a braces that we frequently fit post operatively.

Post operative or rehabilitative knee bracing is commonly used after you have sustained an injury/ or post-surgical intervention and is usually only worn for a prescribed period the time.  

Treatment objectives 

  • Limiting or immobilising the knee joints range of motion within a prescribed range. 
  • Supporting your knee medio laterally   


  • Post-surgical intervention  –arthroscope
  • Ligament Repairs 
  • Post Traumatic Immobilization 
  • Multiple ligament injuries   

Range of Movement Bracing (ROM) Braces:

  • Provides range of motion control and immobilisation following surgery or injury.

Knee immobilisation knee braces

  • Universal 3-panel design allows for adjustment to accommodate most leg circumferences.

Össur COOL ROM Brace:

This Post- op ROM (range of motion) knee brace provides immobilization of the knee after injury of surgery. The side steels are easily adjustable to provide a contoured fit, as well as the option of length adjustability if required. 10° intervals can be adjusted in flexion and extension allowing for more complex rehabilitation when ROM limitations are required during the rehabilitation process.


  • Post-operative
  • Post Traumatic injuries
  • Controlled ROM is required


This Knee brace provides complete immobilization of the knee. It comes in    4 different lengths so that a proper fit can be achieved.


  • Post- operative
  • Post Traumatic Injuries
  • No flexion of the knee is required.

Össur Formfit OA Ease:

The Formfit OA Ease is a single hinged knee brace with a dynamic force system strap. It is used for mild-to-moderate uni-compartmental osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee.

The wraparound design allows for ease of application with clear indications of where and in what order the strapping should be fastened. This easy to use, low-profile knee brace is comfortable and adapts to a variety of leg shape anatomies.


  • Mild to moderate knee OA
  • Used when a slim fit design and ease of application is required

Unloading Knee Braces - Pre- and Post-Surgical Unloading Bracing


Rebound cartilage

The Rebound Cartilage is usually used for meniscal or articulating cartilage damage. The benefit of this brace is that it can be used pre – and post- surgery. The Rebound Cartilage is a single hinged knee brace that uses a 3-point force system to unload the  affected compartment of the knee giving it time to heal. Hinge placement is depended on the compartment affected.

  • Easily adjustable to allow unloading during different stage of the rehabilitation process.
  • Easy to don and doff by using colour coded clips.
  • ROM can be adjusted depending on the Rehabilitation stage.


  • Uni-compartmental meniscal and cartilage injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

This type of bracing is used post-surgery or after the traumatic accident sustained to your knee. It will provide support and allow for ease of movement which should aid in reducing pain on movement but as you have either had surgery or sustained an injury, pain should be expected. 

Depending on the degree of the immobilization, there may be some muscle weakening due to the restriction of movement.  It is generally recommended that you see a physiotherapist during the rehabilitation process, but this should be discussed and advised by your doctor.

This will depend on the rehabilitation plan set out by the doctor and physiotherapist. During this time if there are any adjustment that need to be made to the brace, please contact us to set up an appointment to assist you. 

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