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Upper Limb Orthotics

(Shoulder, Arm and Hand Bracing)

Upper limb orthotics are designed to stabilize, protect, and improve the function of your arm, hand or fingers or a combination thereof. This is achieved by bracing your arm, hand, or finger which depending on what is required, reduces the affected area’s range of motion to allow healing or supports the area which helps in reducing pain and discomfort.

We offer our professional services by assessing and fitting upper limb orthotics, assuring you receive the correct treatment option.

Static and Dynamic Bracing

We can classify upper limb orthoses/bracing into dynamic and static orthoses. Dynamic orthoses refer to braces that allow a degree or full range of motion (ROM) whilst static orthoses prevent the range of motion.

Treatment objectives

Braces are frequently fitted for:


Custom Upper Limb Orthotics

Depending on the diagnosis and the level of the injury or support needed, custom upper limb orthotics can also be manufactured. This is usually done in more severe cases or when an off-the-shelf orthosis will not provide the required stability or will not fit according to the desired specifications.

Common procedure of custom bracing is as follows (this will vary depending on material and process chosen):

How we decide on the correct upper limb orthosis for you


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