What Our Patients Have To Say

My name is Dawood Cader. I am 24 years old and I was 19 years old at the time of my amputation.


I am a right leg below-the-knee amputee. I lost my leg due to several severe damages to my foot and lower portion of my right shin due to a motorbike accident. The damages were really severe and the doctors recommended it be amputated. The reason they recommended it be amputated is firstly that I would have experienced a lot of unnecessary pain. Secondly, I would have to come in for several unnecessary operations which would have cost us time and money.


Shortly after the swelling stages of the amputation ended, Chin & Partners begab setting me up with a prosthetic leg. This process initially was painful but necessary. I experienced pain in my stump when we were in the process trying to find the correct fit for my specifically shaped stump in 2014. Every fitting after this was a painless experience.


Although we can rigorously depend on the staff of Chin and Partners, physically and emotionally, it is not necessary. They have assisted me in walking and living comfortably. Many people who I interact with are surprised to see that I am an amputee as my walking ability is so natural. The staff has assisted me in a way that I hardly require continuous checkups and I am free to live and thrive.


A lot of appreciation to them.

– Dawood Cader

In 2016, I caught Necrotizing Fasciitis which resulted in my having to undergo an emergency transfemoral amputation of my right leg. I was overseas at the time and once I was stable, I was medically repatriated to Cape Town, where I was admitted to the Vincent Pallotti hospital.


I first met Jayson Chin during the second week of my stay at the hospital, once my physical condition had improved and I was ready to start my rehabilitation. From the outset of my relationship with Chin and Partners, I have had a very good experience with the services and treatment they offer.


Jason himself is a consummate professional with huge empathy for his clients and unique handling skills. He has the ability to relate to clients and is able to translate complex walking algorhythms into simple English. Jason has built a practice which is staffed with highly-competent and compassionate experts in their field, who work closely together to ensure clients are provided with the highest levels of support and service to ensure that they are able to enjoy good quality of life.

– Philip Gray

I had a blood clot behind my right knee. (Vascular). My right leg was amputated above the knee on Friday 13 June 2014. I was instructed to go for consultation with late Dave Herman at Vincent Palotti hospital.


My life changed. Since going to Vincent Palotti I met Dave, Jason, Janice, Theo and Jason. And the rest of the staff there. I felt welcomed and got to know the staff very well. They were always helpful, and comforting.


When ever I phoned I was helped professionally by Janice and all the staff, they would go the extra mile for me and my needs. When receiving my prosthesis,  I was overwhelmed by the assistance I got from the staff and positive drive to excel. Any one of the staff I could approach for help or guidance.


Not too sure of the exact name of my prosthesis and the make, but was advised by them what was the best one that suited my needs and abilities. I still ride my motorbikes from Harley Davidson to superbikes.


It is advisable to attend the amputee clinics, you learn a fair amount about your disability and meet other amputees from all races and make good friends.


I have had only good experiences and still do from Jason Chin, Vincent Palotti hospital. Thanks for your support.

– Vernon Saayman

Jayson Chin and Associates are awesome. They have been incredible in helping me on my road to recovery after losing my leg in 2015. Jayson encouraged me from the get go to continue with my studies and stay busy alongside my rehab with his team. This mind-set is what makes the clinic the special place that it is. You are treated as an individual and therefore get the best personal advice and care. I enjoy walking into JC&A; it feels like home. I love siting down with my prosthetist (Theo) and sharing a coffee with him while he adjusts my prosthetic and we discuss our lives and our interests. This is an incredible clinic and I am very lucky to be part of the JC&A family, an awesome team.

– Caleb Swanepoel

I am a social runner who has been plagued by pain in the lower back, hips and feet. Utilising custom-made orthotics in my running shoes have significantly reduced these niggles.


Many thanks to the team at Chin and Partners for excellent service when providing me with my latest pair of orthotics:

-The receptionist and accounts department have facilitated the claiming process with my medical aid; organising motivation letter, quotes and codes required for pre-authorisation

-The orthotist evaluated my running style, took scans and moulds of my feet and crafted a unique orthotic for each foot which I slipped into my running shoes and headed back to the road. They have been super comfortable and I have had a significant reduction in painful niggles in the hip and lower back after longer runs.

-I was also offered advice on exercises to add to my running program to strengthen weak muscle groups and improve flexibility.

– Jean Jones

I am 41 years old and in 2014 I lost my lower left leg to a tiger shark in Somalia. I was transferred to the Vincent Palotti Hospital where the final surgery left me with a through knee amputation.


During my recovery period in hospital, I was introduced to Chin and partners. It was extremely comforting to be surrounded by this team of professionals. During these early days in hospital I found their amputee clinic to be very informative and helpful.


I decided fairly quickly that I would be happy to have Chin and partners as my prosthetic specialist. Its 5 years later and I can honestly say that I have not regretted the decision for one moment.


I received excellent guidance through the early stages of the prosthetic fitment, which I believe was the foundation for greater confidence in my new prosthetic. This newly found confidence aided in my ability and determination to start walking on the prothesis only two months after the shark attack. As a matter of fact, my new found independence and trust in the team and my entire prosthesis setup was so great, that I was willing to relocate to another country (where there was no support for the prosthesis) only 4 months after the attack.


Very soon after my arrival at Vincent Palotti I decided that the Ottobock Genium X3 is the only knee that would sustain my lifestyle. Over the past 5 years the customary adjustments and adaptations have all been very professionally handled by my Chin and Partners team. I have two other prosthetics, one designed purely for trail riding on my MTB, and a specifically designed prosthesis socket and foot for freediving or spearfishing.


The support I received from my Chin and Partner team is priceless. I recall instances where I was assisted by my prosthetist (either for fine tuning of the knee or urgent repairs) after hours or even over the Christmas holiday break when other service providers were closed. Due to the nature of my work I often need assistance on short notice or with short lead times and they always make a plan. They truly are a team you can depend on.


Chin and Partners are true professionals and they are invested in you as an individual. They are always willing to try new ideas, but their ability to really listen to you no matter how big or small the request is what makes interaction with them so special.


I am truly grateful to have met the Chin and Partners team as they have been a major part in my positive experience after becoming an amputee 5 years ago.

– Kevin Ellis