Running Prosthesis

Running Prosthesis

Running Prosthesis

So, you want to run again. Do you want to sprint like an Olympic Athlete, run a marathon or just jog around your neighborhood again? We might just have a solution for you. Although these items are not seen as must have by Medical Aids, if you have the means we can once again fulfill your needs.

Although it is possible to run on some standard prostheses for a short distance, most clients require a more specialised running prosthesis. This would enable them to run further and longer with minimising stump discomfort and reducing fatigue if you were to use your day to day prosthesis, due to the advanced high activity componentry used.

Once you have been fitted with your prosthesis, we highly recommend seeing a Biokineticist or a Physiotherapist with a keen interest in active amputee’s. Learning to run again isn’t as easy as it was in the first place, for some people it is for others not. Learning to hop on your running prosthesis and trust that it won’t break leaving you in a crumpled-up mess on the floor is one of the first obstacles to overcome. From there its running drills to help improve and get the most out of your prosthesis.

The level of your amputation has a direct impact on the level of energy expenditure as well as the weight of the prosthesis.

Activities that may require these specialised components are as follows:

  •     Road running
  •     Track running
  •     Trail running
  •     Sprinting
  •     Field and court sports

Joggers or Trail Runners

The most commonly used method of suspension for a running prosthesis is by means of vacuum. This is achieved with a silicone liner and seal-in ring or knee sleeve (or both) with a one-way expulsion valve.

The prosthesis is made with specialised running specific components. These components are sourced from companies such as Ossur and Ottobock. Your prosthetist will be able to help you decide which running blade will work best for you.

Recreational runners or trail runners may opt for the Flex Run blade from Ossur as it gives some shock absorption as well as a very good energy return. Sprinters on the other hand usually prefer the Cheetah blade from Ossur or the 1E90 Sprinter carbon spring foot from Ottobock. Running prostheses are not limited to adults, there are various options for children too.

Above knee (TF) and through knee (KD) amputees either opt for the 3S80 or the 3R46 knee joint from Otto Bock. These are the some of the same components that are used by national and international athletes.

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