Cycling Prosthesis

Cycling Prosthesis

Cycling Prosthesis

Prostheses for Cycling

Before your amputation you might have been a keen road or mountain biker and you have now decide you have aspirations to once again compete in the beautiful Cape Argus Cycle Tour, tackle the mountain trails on your doorstep or take a leisurely ride on the promenade or your local streets. These activities may have also been a dream of yours which you never got to complete.

The good news is that this is all may be possible on your day to day lower limb prosthesis whether its road, mountain or stationary cycling. Above knee or throug knee amoutees will require a knee that either has a cycling mode or be a frees swinging knee joint. However, should you be an upper limb amputee, a specialised prosthesis will be required for you to once again pursue this sporting activity. Yes, you can cycle with just one arm, however experience has taught us that have the second point of contact on your handlebars makes you feel that much more in control. The ARM-XR is one of the heavy duty Above Elbow (TH) prosthetic Elbow joints available for both mountain biking and motocross.

Below knee amputees usually require a much lower posterior (back) wall on their socket to allow the knee to bend past 90 degrees. On your day to day prosthesis, this wall is kept at a certain height to prevent pivoting of your residual limb in the socket.

For Above Knee (TF) and Through Knee (KD) amputees that would like to participate in mountain biking or compete professionally in cycling there are numerous options available.

Most serious mountain bikers opt for the CrossOver Extensible Knee, touted as the World’s First Extensible Knee, which has a unit for shock absorption similar to what you would get on the rear suspension of your bike. It also has “tendons” that assist in extension of the knee that may allow you to cycle uphill standing up. Through Knee (KD) and Above Knee (TF) amputees require may require some initial training in their pursuit of cycling.

For serious road cyclists, weight is always an issue and thus we make every effort to ensuring that your prosthesis is as light as possible by only using Carbon fiber in the design and manufacture of the prosthesis.

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