Breast Prosthesis

Breast Prosthesis

Breast Prosthesis

Breast Cancer & Silicone Breast Prosthesis

Breast prosthesis, mastectomy bra, Mastectomy Breast Forms, breast prosthetics, SilimaSouth Africa is ranked 50th on the World Cancer Research Fund’s list of countries with the highest cancer prevalence rates. Amongst women, the most prevalent is breast cancer followed by cervical, uterus, colorectal and oesophageal cancer.

When diagnosed with breast cancer it has an immense impact and effect on a woman’s life and those who are close to her. Each woman has to deal with it individually but it’s important to have a strong support group including family and health care providers.

What to note when considering Mastectomy Breast Forms

In order to restore confidence and improve self-image, it’s important to wear the correct fitted bra and breast form. At Chin & Partners we offer a variety of Mastectomy Breast Forms to suit individual patient needs; including shape, texture, and colour. We have a qualified female orthotist, trained in measuring and fitting the prosthesis for the perfect fit. Prosthetic bras are also available in different styles and colours to choose from. The products are made with durable, light-weight materials and all the prostheses come with a 2-year warranty.

Please note that this warranty does not cover products that have been incorrectly stored or exposed to damaging external influences,  e.g., sharp objects, pet’s claws, etc., or extend to adhesive pads or strips.

Why use a Breast Prosthesis

Breast prosthesis, mastectomy bra, Mastectomy Breast Forms, breast prosthetics, SilimaFor women, choosing a breast prosthesis is a personal decision. A Mastectomy Breast Forms will maintain the body’s natural posture and appearance. Other reasons for using a breast prosthesis include;

  • Makes the breast look symmetrical in shape and avoids obvious differences in breast size.
  • Better fitting of clothing.
  • It protects the chest and surgical scar.
  • Breast prosthesis prevent spinal curvatures by balancing your posture
  • Helps prevent the effects such as shoulder drop, muscle spasm in the neck and back
  • Keeps your bra from riding up or moving to the side.
  • Improves self image and confidence.

Breast Prosthetic Fitting & what it Entails

Breast prosthesis, mastectomy bra, Mastectomy Breast Forms, breast prosthetics, SilimaAt Chin & Partners we offer a specialised service. We have a qualified, female orthotist who has been trained in Silima Breast Prosthetics, how to measure and fit the correct form and bra for your specific needs.

We provide private consultations with a variety of Breast Forms and Mastectomy Breast Forms and Bra’s to choose from. By making use of the Silima app we are able to determine the correct size and provide you with the perfect fit.

Consultations take an hour, and you are advised to wear a bra or a form-fitting top/vest. Please note lead/order times may take up to 3 weeks.

Types of Breast Prosthesis

The SILIMA brand breast forms are tested quality made in Germany and stands for a feeling of well-being. All SILIMA breast forms are skin friendly and gentle. The polyurethane film is elastic, resistant to chlorine and salt water and heat conducting, which allows the breast form to adopt body temperature when worn.

We provide the following standard breast forms:

  • Silima Soft and Light symmetrical
  • Silima soft and light heart shaped
  • Silima Ultra light Symmetrical (post-operative up to 30% or 60% lighter than conventional types)
  • Silima Fiberfill Breast forms (postoperative)
  • Silima Triform Light Symmetrical
  • Silima Conform
  • Silima Shell

The Silima Mastectomy Breast Forms range in size from AA to E.

Mastectomy Bras

Breast prosthesis, mastectomy bra, Mastectomy Breast Forms, breast prosthetics, SilimaThe lingerie we offer provides all the advantages of a special purpose bra. The materials are skin friendly with stylish colour schemes and designs. The extensive range offers just the right choice for your individual needs, from elegant lace to French flair in a soft- peach tulle, to optimal elasticity for maximum support and comfort.

We provide the following standard Bras:

  • Victoria Bra
  • Lola Bra
  • Lucy Bra
  • Diana Bra
  • Julie Bra
  • Flora Bra
  • Sylvie Sports Bra

For more details on breast forms and mastectomy bras, contact our office @ 021 824 1634 to book an appointment with our female orthotist.

Care and Cleaning of Breast Forms & Lingerie

  1. Wash with mild soap and rinse in warm water
  2. Do not use solvents under any circumstances
  3. Dab gently with a soft towel to dry
  4. Do not place the form on a radiator, nor use a hairdryer
  5. Use the original box to store or use the breast form
  6. Keep sharp or pointed objects, such as brooches, away from the breast form
  7. Be careful with pet claws- they might damage the gossamer- thin PU film
  8. Observe the care information included with each breast form.
  9. Wash Lingerie by hand, cold wash with a Ph balanced detergent, place in the shade to dry.

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