Sports Knee Bracing

Sports Knee Bracing

Sports Knee Bracing

High impact sports such as kite surfing, mountain biking and motocross riding or sports where there is a lot of rotation and risk of contact such as field hockey or football puts you at a higher risk of injury to your knee. Should you sustain a traumatic injury to your knee or knees you may require extra stability during your rehabilitation. You may also be advised to use a rigid knee brace prophylactically post-surgery.

Treatment objectives

  • Providing adequate support to your knee while participating in your desired activity.
  • Limit the risk of injury sustained previously.


  • Multiple ligament Instability
  • MCL, LCL, ACL, PCL injuries
  • Knee pain during activity
  • Post- rehabilitation support


  • Mild to moderate support.
  • Moderate to severe support.

Frequently asked questions

Is the knee brace going to weaken my muscles? 

The knee brace supports the previously injured site and helps to improve the knee stability. This allows you to use all your muscles, not restricting activity due to caution, therefore it does not weaken the muscles groups in your knee.

How long will I need to wear the brace for?

This is an investment in your health as this brace will be worn for long period of time especially during activity helping to support the weakened ligaments, limiting the risk of reinjury.

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