Drop Foot Splints

Drop Foot Splints

Drop Foot Splints

Drop foot can be caused by multiple factors such as strokes, nerve damage, degenerative diseases as well as neurological conditions. This results in either partial or complete paralysis of the ankle movement that is crucial for toe clearance during walking. The inability to lift the ankle as the leg swings through causes and issue with toe clearance and results in the foot getting stuck as well as causing a foot slap when reaching the initial contact phase of the gait cycle.

Depending on the severity of the muscle and nerve impairment there are various options from off the shelf (OTS) to custom manufactured bracing available to aid in providing the necessary ankle dorsiflexion.

Aircast Podalib

The Aircast podalib is a soft OTS orthosis that provides ankle dorsiflexion by means of elasticated bands that attaches to the soft comfortable cuff that is wrapped around the ankle. The two straps, hooks on to the shoe or the foot strap and provides the necessary ankle dorsiflexion. The quick closure buckles help to adjust and secure the tension of the elastic strap and foot flexion angle.


  • Drop foot
  • Neurological weakness or paralysis of the foot-lifting muscles.

OttoBock AFO

The 28U90 ankle foot orthosis is particularly well suited in case of temporary dorsal flexor weakness or if only short distances are covered. It lifts the foot and reduces the risk of stumbling. The orthosis is light weight and has replaceable pad once the velcro wears out. It allows limited passive plantar flexion when walking.

With the 28U90 dorsiflexion assist orthosis, the anterior portion of the foot is raised and passive, flexible limitation of plantar flexion is provided in case of peroneal weakness. The thin-walled design with a high-quality surface increases resilience. The ankle foot orthosis is thermoformable, which means it can be reshaped for individual adaptation of the orthosis to the patient.


  • Rapid, temporary use as an initial fitting, for example after an injury.
  • Well suited for early patient mobilisation.

Carbon Fibre Options

Various forms of carbon fibre options are also available to aid with dorsiflexion and is some cases help with knee control as well.

Carbon fibre AFO’s provide the user with a dynamic and physiological gait by:

  • Allowing natural heel strike
  • Increase step length and walking speed
  • Prevent foot slap
  • Allowing a smooth roll-over in the heel and forefoot zone
  • Good foot lift (clearance)
  • Energy is stored and used in the swing phase

Custom Ankle Braces

Custom bracing is designed in cases where specific requirements cannot be achieved by means of an off the shelf brace, or the complexity of the ankle alignment to give adequate required support.

Indicated for but not limited to:

  • Malalignment of the ankle.
  • Severe ankle support
  • Specific contours that needs to be followed due to prominent bony prominences.

Other medical conditions may include: 

  • Clubfoot
  • Post-Polio
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Cancer related cases (Osteosarcoma & Osteochondroma)

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