Pierre van Eeden

I am a qualified practitioner that joined the Chin and Partners family in 2019 where I started working in the Vincent Pallotti Hospital branch, but I have since been dividing my time equally with our new Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital branch.

I graduated from TUT in 2017 after completing my internship at Barkley & Oates Inc, where I was exposed to many different specialized courses that were hosted by local and international companies.

After my internship in 2018, I started my new career working for a practice in the Eastern Cape where I managed a sister practice in a small town which helped develop business and people skills. In 2019 I completed my B-tech degree in Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics at TUT which gave me a much broader insight to our profession.

My goal and passion in life is to utilize the knowledge gained over the years to provide the best possible care and education for my patients that will increase their quality of life.

In my spare time I enjoy spending quality time with close friends and my family, be that at the home or somewhere out and about. I also enjoy spending time at the local game store for some table-top gaming, where new friendships are made almost on a weekly basis. I am a massive music fan and believe that music has the power to change your emotions in any way, which is why I enjoy playing my guitar when I feel stressed or down to lift my spirits.