Jayson Chin

I am proud to be the founding member of our diverse team that is Chin and Partners and I am very fortunate to have a diverse roll within the practice. As the leader of this amazing team I ensure that we are growing as a practice while staying true to our mission of providing the highest level of care to all our orthotic and prosthetic patients.  As a clinician I have many years of experience and I provide support to the other clinicians of our team as well as being a well-qualified sounding board.

My special interest lies in amputee rehabilitation and prosthetic care. I chair the Cape Amputee Clinic which is a non-profit multi-disciplinary team that ensures that the process of amputee rehabilitation is addressed from all the various perspectives; doctor, physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, psychologist, prosthetist. We all give up 2 hours of our time every second week to meet with patients that are either thinking about amputation or have had an amputation. We are then able help guide them and offer support in whatever decision they choose to follow.

As an orthotist I have an interest in how we, as humans move during gait, both running and walking, and I am well known for my skill at consulting and providing foot orthotics and other devices.

I qualified in 1995 from Pretoria Tech but only established my private practise in 1999 after returning from international travel where I spent time experiencing life and the amazing experiences that were on offer for an adventurous young man in places like the middle east, Europe and India. During this time, I also worked in the UK in the Orthotics and Prosthetics industry.

My roots are in the Free State where I was born and grew up in the town of Kroonstad. I have a beautiful family; a supportive wife, 2 boys and 2 dogs. I enjoy cycling, hiking, spending time at the beach, reading and being with friends and family.