Welcome to Chin & Partners

Leaders in prosthetic and orthotic mobility

Chin and Partners has been caring for patients in an effective and efficient way to enhance prosthetic and orthotic mobility and comfort for over 20 years.

We have 4 conveniently located practises:

  • Life Orthopaedic Hospital, Alexandra Rd l Pinelands
  • Christiaan Barnard Hospital, D.F. Malan St, Foreshore
  • Vincent Pallotti Hospital, Dick Williamson Medical Center
  • Pinelands Business Park, New Mill Rd, Pinelands

Our history

From humble beginnings

While still a student in the early 90’s, Jayson Chin, founder and director of Chin and Partners Inc, had a vision to establish a practise that was different to the “one man, do it all” practises commonly found in South Africa. The vision was to build a team of professionals to provide the highest level of care, where practitioners have time to focus on their individual areas of interest, developing their knowledge and enhancing their skills to create a patient centric practise, offering  professional care in a multidisciplinary environment. A practise that provided advice and exposure to the wide range of products and services offered in this industry. To realise this multifaceted vision has taken Jayson and his team on an exciting, sometimes challenging, mostly successful and very fulfilling journey……that is far from over!    

Jayson established his private practise in 1999,  in Sea Point, Cape Town and within 2 years he had expanded the team to 3 qualified Orthotist Prosthetists. In 2001 Jayson established a 2nd practise in the rehabilitation gym at Vincent Pallotti Hospital, working closely with the highly successful team of orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists and biokineticists. This team is still providing quality care today.

In 2005, Jayson with his then partner, Clive McCrae, and orthopaedic surgeon Dr C Maraspini, established The Cape Amputee Clinic. The clinic team, which offers the services of a psychologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, prosthetist and rehabilitation doctor, still meet every 2nd week at Vincent Pallotti Hospital. These clinic meetings are free, offering amputees and their families the opportunity to ask questions and gain information on all aspects of amputation, rehabilitation etc. from an experienced interdisciplinary team.

Our history continued

Leading Edge Care

In 2007, Jayson wanted to expose the developing market of ‘lifestyle bracing” to the public. These braces and orthotic products straddled the space between medical and retail and so Medsport was born; a walk, in-high end, retail type store that provided information, products and care from its Bree Street store until it closed in 2017. Chin and Partners has continued to include interactive display and product exposure at all our practices.

In 2009 we opened our 3rd practise in the Life Health Orthopaedic Unit of Excellence and together with the team of ‘super specialist’ orthopaedic surgeons, we provide in-hospital services and care. 

In 2014 we relocated our custom manufacturing facility to Pinelands Business Park and upgraded it to allow our team of professionals and technicians to custom design and manufacture all types of prosthetics and orthotics in a world class facility. In 2017 we extended this space to include a clinical practise with consultation rooms and a gait training room. We have plans to develop this comprehensive prosthetic facility further in 2020.

Our latest development was in 2019  when we established a practise at Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital and we look forward to working with the dynamic team of medical professionals at this world class hospital to provide patients with efficient and effective prosthetic and orthotic care.

Why Choose Us

We provide individualised care in a professional environment. We have a fully equipped manufacturing facility for the manufacturing of specialised and individually designed orthoses. We stock a wide range of off the shelf bracing and splinting for various muscular, skeletal, neurological, vascular and functional impairment conditions.

  • Prosthetics

    We assist with above-knee, below-knee, through-knee and upper limb prosthetics and prosthesis

  • Orthotics

    We assist with foot orthotics and orthopedics, and neuro-orthotics – orthopedic devices for neurological care

  • Bracing

    We assist with bracing aids, including spinal bracing and cervical collars, as well as upper and lower extremity orthotics

  • Mobility

    We can prescribe and fit all mobility equipment ranging from basic home care devices to complex wheelchair seating and positioning